Inspiration for ‘Islands of Hope’ derived from our interaction with the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of victims of Pakistan's devastating floods of 2010. Tens of millions of people were left homeless and stranded in the wake of this epic deluge, prompting the United Nations to call it the ‘biggest water related catastrophe’ of the last few centuries. Scenes of helplessness and anguish were heartbreaking and apparent at every level. The Pakistani government's already inadequate and finite resources werecompletely exhausted. Private citizens from within Pakistan and across the globe strove to help the needy. We found this to be a necessary and opportune time to rise to the occasion and exerted our efforts in any way possible. From personally assisting those affected at a ground level to providing financial and medical assistance from overseas, the efforts were widespread.

After this important period of immediate assistance, came the entirely different, but often more difficult task of rehabilitation. The educational foundation of Pakistan was particularly devastated as the floods destroyed schools, libraries, and other public buildings. This effectively washed away the safe environment these buildings provided children in which to learn, grow, and obtain the necessary skills to lead productive lives. Nearly two years have passed since the floods, but the need of the people of Pakistan has not only been unmet, but has become more imperative.


  • Create the hope and results needed to counter the prevalent despondency which has become the root cause of prevailing socio-culture conditions.
  • Empower the community with providing equal opportunity by privileged education with modern curricula and teaching methods
  • Provide a nurturing environment focused on knowledge and mentor ship in which children who lack resources can foster their potential, leading to the further stabilization of their future generation's prosperity.

Method of Action

  1. Place an exclusive focus on education by establishing schools that are modeled on private international institutions with their impeccable standards. Our goal will be to
  2. Expand the aforementioned educational facilities in a network fashion, encompassing those geographical locales that require them.
  3. Create accessible healthcare and interest-free micro loans to those who need them most acutely


By providing an inviting educational environment, promoting health and wellness, and creating financial security and independence, we plan to empower and enable the underprivileged to become agents for positive change in their community and role models for future generations to come.

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